"The details are not the details.
They make the design"

- Charles Eames - 



Aguas Eternas - Eternal Waters. Constant change , movement and go with the flow...


"i want my work to be real and honest, but most of all honest."


 "i cant live without magic, i need space to escape, i want women to feel like queens and goddesses"

"i wouldnt consider myself as a jewellery designer nore a photographer, but a storyteller"

Every piece from Aguas Eternas is unique and all handmade by herself. She hunts for little treasures around the globe. Most of her creations are made of vintage pieces. She mixes different styles like art deco or art nouveau with ethnic tribal jewellery.

"through my headpieces i can travel to faraway places, by using pieces from turkmenistan, the miao tribe in china, coins from iran, chains from india, beads from mongolia and many more places." 


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